Midwest Filter Heavy Duty Felt Fresh/Salt Water Aquarium Filtration Sock, 4" Ring, 100 Micron, 4" x 12", Standard #4 Size, Pack of 4)

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Brand: Midwest Filter

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  • USE: Great aquarium filter bag. Can effectively remove a large number of solid particles contained in the liquid pollutants, solving a variety of filtration problems
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Polypropylene Felt, Size 4, 4 inch diameter x 12 inch length, 200 Micron Rating, Plastic Ring
  • HIGHEST QUALITY CONTROL: Strict quality control ensures our filter bags meet the top quality standards and ratings all the way from our USA manufacturer to you. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for applications up to 200 F
  • AVAILABLE: Sold as a Pack of 4
  • FROM MIDWEST FILTER: Leading US manufacturer of filter bags and filtration solutions

Midwest Filter Polypropylene Felt with Plastic Ring Aquarium Filtration Bag, 100 Micron Rating, Standard Size 4, 4 Inch Diameter x 12 Inch Length - This non-woven material is our popular workhorse. Polypropylene offers excellent chemical resistance. Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for applications up to 200 F. These filter bags capture waste compounds, silt and sand keeping your aquarium water clean and clear.

Filter bags are designed for one time use. Attempting to clean a bag will stretch the material. Some holes will get bigger and allow dirt to get through. Other holes will get smaller, plug up faster, and start removing things from the product that are supposed to stay in it.

Compatible with PONG100P4P PONG-100-P4P PONG100P4PWE PONG-100-P4P-WE PONG100P4PS PONG-100-P4P-S PONG100P4PA PONG-100-P4P-A POIG100P4P POIG-100-P4P POIG100P4PWE POIG-100-P4P-WE POIG100P4PS POIG-100-P4P-S POIG100P4PA POIG-100-P4P-A POG100P4P POG-100-P4P POG100P4PWE POG-100-P4P-WE POG100P4PS POG-100-P4P-S POG100P4PA POG-100-P4P-A BPONG100P4P BPONG-100-P4P BPONG100P4PWE BPONG-100-P4P-WE BPONG100P4PS BPONG-100-P4P-S BPONG100P4PA BPONG-100-P4P-A BPOIG100P4P BPOIG-100-P4P BPOIG100P4PWE BPOIG-100-P4P-WE BPOIG100P4PS BPOIG-100-P4P-S BPOIG100P4PA BPOIG-100-P4P-A P0NG100P4P P0NG-100-P4P P0NG100P4PWE P0NG-100-P4P-WE P0NG100P4PS P0NG-100-P4P-S P0NG100P4PA P0NG-100-P4P-A P0IG100P4P P0IG-100-P4P P0IG100P4PWE P0IG-100-P4P-WE P0IG100P4PS P0IG-100-P4P-S P0IG100P4PA P0IG-100-P4P-A P0G100P4P P0G-100-P4P P0G100P4PWE P0G-100-P4P-WE P0G100P4PS P0G-100-P4P-S P0G100P4PA P0G-100-P4P-A BP0NG100P4P BP0NG-100-P4P BP0NG100P4PWE BP0NG-100-P4P-WE BP0NG100P4PS

 About Midwest Filter:Take advantage of our 45 years of experience in solving your liquid filtration problems. Proudly Made in the US.

More Information
Weight 0.4200
Manufacturer Midwest Filter
Brand Midwest Filter
Uses Water Filtration
Sterile No
Color No
Grip NA
Size 4 Pack
Length 12.0000

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